Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive financial, procurement, logistics, and HR services to research grant holders, enabling them to focus on their core scientific work and achieve breakthrough discoveries. We aim to be the trusted partner of the research community, facilitating their fiscal and fiduciary operations with efficiency, transparency, and compliance.

Our Vission

Our vision is to create a “Research World” where funding recipients can fully dedicate their time and resources to advancing knowledge and innovation, without the burden of administrative tasks. We aspire to be the leading fiscal and fiduciary company in the research sector, known for our exceptional support services that enable scientists and scholars to pursue groundbreaking research. By streamlining financial processes, optimizing procurement, managing logistics, and offering expert HR support, we seek to contribute to a thriving global research ecosystem that drives scientific progress and societal transformation.

Core Values

  • Excellence: RWLP is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality in all their endeavors, ensuring that research projects are conducted meticulously and fiscal strategies are implemented effectively.
  • Innovation: The Company thrives on innovation, continuously seeking new ways to approach research challenges and financial management, ultimately driving progress and positive change.
  • Collaboration: RWLP believes in the power of collaboration, fostering partnerships with clients, researchers, institutions, and stakeholders to create synergies that lead to meaningful outcomes.
  • Integrity: Integrity is at the heart of RWLP’s operations. They operate transparently, maintain ethical practices, and uphold the trust placed in them by their clients and partners.

Our Mandates

RWLP operates under the following key mandates:

  • Fiscal Enhancement: We offer specialized fiscal and fiduciary services to improve business systems and financial strategies, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring sustainable growth.
  • Advancing Medical Research: We support medical research and diagnostics advancements by providing comprehensive services, including training, equipment sourcing, maintenance, and consultancy in quality and information management systems.
  • Collaborative Research: We collaborate with research institutions to drive advancements in scientific research, contributing to discoveries that positively impact society and industries.
  • Global Engagement: We liaise with relevant organizations both within and beyond Kenya, engaging in research-related activities that foster international collaboration.