1. Staff: Our diverse team comprises professionals with expertise in various fields, including:
  • Research Arm: Comprising medical epidemiologists, laboratory scientists, medical doctors (clinical researchers), forensic scientists, veterinary doctors, clinical officers, and biomedical statisticians.
    • Administration Arm: Including accountants, logisticians, procurement officers, human resources managers, and information technology/programmers.
  • Facilities, Innovation, and Software:
  • Experimental Huts (Entomology Research Facility): Our state-of-the-art entomology research facility allows for in-depth research on vector-borne diseases.
    • Laboratories: We have established strategic MoUs with accredited laboratories for sample testing and instrument validations.
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI): We utilize AI2SMS https://aitosms.com/, which aids in research in rural settings without internet connectivity in Kenya, facilitating data collection and analysis.
  • Financial Software: Our financial management is streamlined through QuickBooks, ensuring accurate fiscal planning and management.